We Are a Full Service Safari Company

Personalized Care  Ken Moody Safaris and Fritz Rabe Adventures is your safari company.  When you book with us YOU become our primary priority! Ken will personally walk you through the entire process from start to finish to include airline ticket acquistion, gear recommendations, best times to book, payment options, taxidermy questions, getting trophies home, etc.  No stone will be left unturned to include payment(s) for your hunt which will all go through Ken and be banked here in the US.  You will not need to take large sums of cash to Africa to pay for anything hunt related. You may call Ken at any time for input and assistance as you prepare for your adventure.  In short, Ken will be your personal conceirge!   931-260-5468

Hunting   All hunting with KMS/FRA will be under the direction Ken Moody & Fritz Rabe.  We will not "farm out" or subcontract with any other company to provide hunting for you.  You are our client and will be treated as such. We are NOT a booking agency.  When you hunt with Ken Moody Safaris and Fritz Rabe Adventures you will be hunting with us, period!  Whether a package hunt for plains game or a full on Big 5 Safari, KMS/FRA delivers exceptional quality and service on all of our hunting adventures. Look over our packages and rates for more info.
Trophy Prep  One of the absolute priorities when hunting Africa is the proper and expeditious care of your trophy once it is bagged.  We pride ourselves on offering superior trophy care and once your trophy is on the ground we will skin, cape, and salt your hides and horns for delivery to a qualified dip and pack facility at the conclusion of your hunt. This facility will perform the required dipping of your trophies and then pack them for shipment to your receiving taxidermist.  Once the SA govt. has OK'd the shipment, the facility will turn it over to a cargo/transport company who will take it for shipment to you.  You will be billed separately by the dip and pack facility for their part in this process.
Laundry  While on safari with us, we will ensure your laundry is done daily so there is no need to overpack. Once your hunt is booked you will receive a complete information packet complete with packing list.
Taxidermy  If you do not have a receiving taxidermist, we can recommend one either in SA or in the United States to handle all of your trophy requirements.
Photo/Eco Tours  We can also provide exciting photo safaris/game viewing, and beach excursions within South Africa to include Kruger National Park and other points of interest. Our experienced guides will ensure you see some of the most beautiful places the country has to offer.